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Corcoran Police Department Animal Control Services
Public Advised to Pick Up to Release Slips from Corcoran PD for impounded animals.

The Corcoran public is advised that owners who to wish to claim their impounded dog or animal must pick up a release slip from the Corcoran Police Department prior to their release from the City of Corcoran kennel or Avenal Animal Shelter. A fee of $30.00 will be collected from the dog or animal owner to receive a release slip.  For impounded dogs, a City of Corcoran dog license check is conducted at the time of the release slip pick up which advises the owner(s) they have 30 days to obtain a license which requires a rabies vaccine certificate, if they do not have a license issued. All dog owners who reside in the City of Corcoran are encouraged to obtain a city license for their pet.

If you have lost your pet, you may contact the Corcoran Animal Control Officer 559-992-5151 to determine if it has been impounded locally at the City of Corcoran kennel or if it has been transported to the Avenal Animal Shelter for holding.