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Public Works
The City of Corcoran applies for and receives competitive grants and allocations of Federal and State funding for transpiration projects.  These funds tend to come through such funding mechanisms as the Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP), Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ), Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), Active Transportation Program (ATP), and other such funding.  these funds provide for activities involving capital projects including construction and repair of critical transportation infrastructure as well as procurement of equipment to maintain said infrastructure.  
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Weed Abatement Program Launches on March 12, 2018

With the current lack of rain, lawns and weeds throughout the City and unincorporated areas of the County adjacent to the City will dry-out faster. Un- kept lawns and high weeds are not only unsightly and considered blight and a nuisance but can become an extreme fire hazard as temperatures heat up.
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Sewer and Refuse Rate Study for City of Corcoran

The Corcoran City Council will hold a public hearing to consider proposed modification and increases to refuse and sewer charges for service furnished by the City, and to hear and consider objections and protests to the proposed modifications and the Report.  

Hearing Date:
Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at or after 5:30 p.m.

Hearing Location:
City of Corcoran Council Chambers, 1015 Chittenden Ave, Corcoran, CA 93212.

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Tue., April 24, 2018
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  City Council Meeting
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