Q.        What Does CAT Stand for? 

A.        CAT is an acronym for Corcoran Area Transit


Q.        Can I bring a bike?

A.        Yes bike are allowed however not all buses are equipped with bike racks therefore it is the customers responsibility to request a bus with a bike rack when requesting a pick-up with the dispatcher.

Q.        Can I bring an animal on the bus?

A.        No animals are allowed on Public Transportation with the acceptation of service animals.


Q.        Can I bring Food and or Drinks on the bus?       

A.        For safety and sanitary reasons, no food or drinks are allowed on the CAT bus.  Drivers have the right to ask passengers to dispose of either before allowing passengers to board.


Q.        Can I use a wheelchair?        

A.        Yes, all CAT buses have wheelchair lifts and tie downs and operate in accordance with ADA Laws.


Q.        Do I have to pay for a baby?

A.        All children of newborn to the age of 8 years old with an adult must pay $0.25


Q.        How old does a child have to be to ride the bus alone?

A.        The child must be seven years of age however, they will be charged as a general ($1.00) for the reason that the seven year old will not be traveling with an adult.  (Please know that your child must know their destination if not they will NOT be permitted to ride alone.)



Q.        How do I recover something I lost on the bus?

A.        If lost items have been turned in to the driver they will then be turned in at the depot, which is located at 1099 Otis Avenue, you may also call (559)992-2177.  When picking up items there will be a few questions asked to insure items belong to the individual.



Q.        What is the fare of a bus ride?

A.        Please, follow Corcoran Area Transit link.


Q.        Why don’t CAT drivers carry change?

A.        CAT drivers do not carry change for their safety and the safety of the customer.  Remember exact fare is required at the time of pick-up.


Q.        When the driver picks me up why don’t they take me to my destination immediately?         

A.        Being that our service is public transportation the driver might have other pick-ups in the area and it is much more feasible for CAT drivers to pick-up within the area first and do multiple pick-ups and drops-offs to insure quality time for all passengers.


Q.        How do I go about making schedule pick-ups?

A.        A schedule pick-up should be made one hour before the pick-up time you are requesting and allowing the driver at least thirty minutes for a drop-off.  Schedule pick-ups are also accepted up to one week in advance, however this is on a first come bases since we will not double on a schedule pick-up, and if for any reason CAT is short staffed on drivers there will be no schedule pick-up for that day.


Q.        Do the CAT drivers wait for the trains at the Depot?

A.        CAT drivers will not wait for trains at the depot.  There are many instances where trains are early or late and this put us behind schedule with our other pick-ups.  However, a train arrives at 6:10 p.m., and a bus will be waiting for that particular train this is only available Monday through Friday and only if the train arrives before 6:20 p.m.


Q.        Does the CAT bus go to Hanford?  

A.        The CAT bus only offers transportation within the City of Corcoran limits and fringe area.  However, you can purchase AMTRAK tickets at the Depot or City Hall for a discounted rate.  For times and fare refer to the following link subsidized tickets you may also click on the KART for Kings County bus information.