Community Development

Select the links below to view or download various Community Development documents, including Building Permit Application, Environmental Information, Paint Program Application, Sign Permit and Zone Change.

 2010 First Time Homebuyer Guidelines (223.5 KB)
 2010 Housing Rehabilitation Guidelines (217.6 KB)
 Administrative Approval (21.1 KB)
 Air Quality Element (88.8 KB)
 Air Quality Element Background Report (681.8 KB)
 Attachment (8.3 KB)
 Certificate of Compliance (28.5 KB)
 Code Enforcement (281.1 KB)
 Commerical Designt Guidelines and Streetscape Standards (5.09 MB)
 Conditional Use (28 KB)
 Environmental Information (26.9 KB)
 Foreclosure Counseling (196 KB)
 General Plan (97.18 MB)
 General Plan Amendment (24 KB)
 General Plan Map (2.34 MB)
 General Plan Public Review Document (2.41 MB)
 Hazardous Waste (10.5 KB)
 HCE Brochure (447.7 KB)
 HCE Brochure (432.6 KB)
 Homebuyer (509.4 KB)
 Homebuyer Brochure (247 KB)
 Housing Brochure (455.5 KB)
 Housing Rehabilitation (1.02 MB)
 Improvement Standards (29.06 MB)
 Initial Study (1.58 MB)
 Lot Line Adjustment (32.5 KB)
 Notice of Intent (105.2 KB)
 Plan Unit Development (29.8 KB)
 Planning Fees (14.4 KB)
 Redevelopment Area Map (1.16 MB)
 Residential Building Permit 2017 (304.1 KB)
 Safe Routes to School Plan (8.97 MB)
 Sign Permit (23.1 KB)
 Site Plan Review (26.6 KB)
 Variance (29.9 KB)
 Zone Change (23.5 KB)
 Zoning Code (3.6 MB)
 Zoning Code (9.14 MB)
 Zoning Code Supplemental Memo (65 KB)
 Zoning Map (573.7 KB)